OneLead Mobile App Data Deletion Policy

User Account Deletion

We have provided our users with a quick and simple way to remove and delete all if their person data that is collected and stored by the OneLead Mobile App in order to provide Authenticated app access and user specific operation. To delete your account and all related user data collected by the OneLead platform:

  • Open the OneLead Mobile Lead capture app and Login to your account.

  • Select the Settings Tab on the app bottom navigation bar

  • Tap the Delete Account button.

  • Confirm the you would like to continue within the popup that will appear on screen 

One complete you will automatically be logged out of the OneLead mobile app and returned to the user login screen. Please note that this action will permanently delete all user account, user authentication and any user created and collected data that was generated during app usage and cannot be reversed. 

Alternatively, if you would like us to remove all user data collected by OneLead on your behalf, simply contact is at and provide us with your email addressed used to register your OneLead account during event registration and company name. We will ensure your personal information including email address, Name, contact details and any data generated during use of the OneLead App is removed from the OneLead data platform within 24-hours. A confirmation email will send upon request completion.

To install this Web App in your iPhone/iPad press and then Add to Home Screen.